About Me

I'm full stack web developer. I’m passionate about quality of code and believe that great developers build great products. Take GitHub or PivotalTracker for instance.

I'm passionate about solving business problems with wide variety of technologies, and keep a balance between business needs and technical debt and performance. I'm good working alone or working in a team structure, I strongly believe in code reviews and well organized process(sprints, fast iteration, feature planning)

I Co-founded successfull rails consultancy operating in Medellin, Colombia

I am doing all kinds of work:

  • system architecture
  • rapid prototyping
  • developing new features
  • refactoring old codebases
  • consulting in technical questions

My usual tools are ruby, python, javascript, .NET, postgresql & mysql, docker, backbone.js, react.js and much more

Have awesome project and need help? Have awesome idea and want to build it? Drop me a line at penkinv@gmail.com