I’m Vladimir Penkin
an entrepreneurial developer
from Russia

about me

I am full-stack web developer. Working with dbs, backend, frontend, rapid-prototyping, architecture, optimization, writing API. Basically everything that involved from time your browser makes request to page response-interaction.

Natual born httpster More about me

recent public projects

Wrapper and scaffold generator for MyGengo API
Automatically open up links from event notificatio
Send Jenkins feature branch status to Github
Preconfigured sinatra template with essentials lik

Sinatra Template

Recently I found myself doing a couple of very simple services for my cliens with Sinatra. Just some basic authentication, active_record and mysql2 database, few forms, rails view helpers. There is a lot of guides and tutorials around internet. But it seems that there is no good Sinatra template with testing coverate, basic files structure, etc.

So I made one! Sinatra Template


                  * HTTP basic authentication
* ActiveRecord orm
* Sqlite3 for development, Mysql2 for production
* 2 very basic but associated models
* HAML, blueprint, jquery
* User and Admin interfaces
* Scroller with products
* Full rake tasks for db management(hacked sinatra-activerecord gem)
* Testing suite out of the box(RSpec)
* Some essential Rails helpers
* Ready for deploy with passenger(config/setup_load_paths.rb)

Some prefer to extract controllers, models and helpers in corresponding folders and split them over files. It is a matter of taste. If you have that much code, consider using Rails instead.